The concept of the school premises, is one wherein all the senses are used for learning. The objective is to create a learning environment. Each and every activity in the classroom and outside is going to be an inner outer and outer inner experience. The modular approach has specific intention to increase the learning curve of these children. The hot and cold water swimming pool is a hydro-physiotherapy. The water ways throught the campus, is to set an ambience, and children would use for wading etc.All the materials used in the campus are from the natural environment which the child encounters in their day to day life. The perspective plan has been generated from a computer to provide you real life picture.

Special Education

At Ushas, we offer the highest quality individual educational support for children of all ages who have learning challenges. Using strategies that draw on a child's strengths and learning style, we tailor make educational programs for each child. Additionally, a carefully implemented Individual Educational Programme (IEP) is created and followed for each child. The Special education centre provides a holistic and nurturing environment for education and enrichment programs. There are daily programmes that cover five domain areas such as Language & Communication, Motor Skills, Self Help Skills, Cognition and Social Skills.

Special Education programs also are:

Activities of Daily  Living Skills (Life Skills)
Art & Craft
Computer Assisted Learning
Academics (Functional/Mainstream)
Play Sensory/Soft Play
Music therapy
Physical Education
Pre-Vocational/Work Transition Skills

Vocational training

Vocational training is an education program for adults and a good option for those with moderate to severe disabilities who wish to learn how to live independently while obtaining job skills. Students at age 14 enter the transition programs they may not be able to cope with mainstream curriculum. They are trained in prevocational skills based on their potential, current abilities and needs for support. Students with high support needs are trained in sheltered workshop setting

Objectives of Vocational Training Centre -

To provide need based and skill based vocational training
To ensure involvement of the parents in the process of rehabilitation
To create awareness on vocational training and rehabilitation among the parents/siblings
To discuss the process of vocational training and components of job analysis
To empower the trainees for self-advocacy
To make Persons with Disabilities self-dependent in related trades
To make them learn independent living skills in the community
To make them aware about their rights