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USHAS provides children with mental disability an opportunity to learn some of the basic skills and make them more abled.Training and assisting as a means of facilitating their integration into normal life situations is the basic tenet of USHAS -centre for Exceptional Children.

Albert Einstein once said that “Every day on hundred occasions, I remind myself that my mental and physical life depends on the toil of other persons- living and dead. The food that nourishes me is grown by other people…. My dresses all are made by other people….The house I live in has been built by other people, likewise whatever knowledge I have gathered since my childhood days has been acquired from other people. So I must try to repay whatever I have received and am receiving.”

We at USHAS centre for exceptional children believe this and this center is a means for us to pay back to the society. The concept of “Vrunamuktha” a debt to be paid back to the society. USHAS is an opportunity for all of us to repay back.

USHAS – Centre For Exceptional Children ( A Ray Of Hope ) .

Donation Options

1] Support a mentally challenged child for a year:

USHAS centre has an appropriate environment for these special children, special needs. we have specially trained teachers for community development , physical therapist , speech therapist , occupational therapist , hydro therapist , hypo therapist , dance therapist , music therapist , image therapist , oro-moto development , we are unique having 19 therapies under one roof . Your support can help us to do one or more of these therapies for these special children. Our monthly cost per child on an average is around 2000 /- per child. You can support a challenged child for a year by contributing for his/her well being

2] Sponsor a CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) Worker:

CBR workers act has a link between the community, usha’s centre and the family. There main role is to raise awareness about the Childs abilities and make them being accepted in the community. They not only create awareness, they assist in monitoring the therapies, thought in the house and develop home based programs. You can sponsor a CBR worker for a year.

3] Support USHAS maintenance cost:

To enable USHAS, optimize its resources, help contribute towards ushas cost.

4] Support in establishing a sheltered vocational and rehabilitation centre:

At present the children are trained in pre- vocational skills only. We have a vision of setting up a full fledge centre for vocational and rehabilitation centre. At present we have a planed to have paper section where in children work with paper and paper products. We plan to have printing section where in they will be working on printing on textiles. We also have a lot of service sectors especially laundart equipment so that they would be able to work in main stream.

5] Support us by contributing for the construction, equipment and maintenance.

6] Sponsor for the establishment of a respite home:

Most of the parents need some respite either a few hours or a few days. Such respite homes will take care during these hours or days. We believe that a special child needs to have the support of family, the centre and community. Therefore we don’t have plans to start a full there residential service.

7] Support us in sales or products made by USHAS children:

We definitely know that volume is a big problem. Volume of manufacturing of such children cannot be achieved. The cost per unit product manufactured by such children is quite high for the time taken rejection, wastages are high. But they definitely make exclusive products with quality standard.

8] Support us in getting the latest techs and tools:

In creating a muti sensorial room , we definitely need a lot of literature for our library , teaching aids , adapted tools , lot of equipments for physical therapy , occupational therapy , speech therapy , hypo therapy , hydro therapy .

9] Support us in networking:

We want to be linked to various research centers, implementing centers, implementing centers who have done some pioneering work in the field of special education.

10] Support us in establishing a four year degree program and post graduation in special education.

11] Support us in establishing audio logy department:

At present our children have to travel minimum of 200 to 300 km for testing in audio logy. Every time a mould has to be changed they have to travel this for distances. Having our own audio logy department would help us in various ways.

Note : USHAS does not ask for cash donations.

By Cheque/Demand Draft

If you would like to make your contribution by cheque or demand draft, you’ll need to download the Hand Hold Form(48KB PDF file ), print it, fill it in, attach the cheque or draft (made in favour of “USHAS – Centre for Exceptional Children ” Hubli) and mail it to the following address :

USHAS – Centre for Exceptional Children
Mariyam Timsagar Plot, Vinayak Nagar,
Post Vidya Nagar,Gokul Road ,HUBLI
Karnataka – 580031
Phone Number: + 91-836-2377747

Note: USHAS does not ask for cash donations

Tax Benefits


All donations to USAHS are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G.

Non Indians

Are not eligible for tax exemption as this benefit is valid only in India.