About Us

“USHAS” in Sanskrit means dawn, daybreak or morning light, personified as the daughter of heaven and sister of Adityas the Sun God. It also signifies the period between the setting of the stars and the rising of the Sun. In simple terms it is from darkness to light.A ray of hope in the life of such children who are intellectually challenged, a process to move from darkness to light both for the children in the centre, management and staff. It is concern for such children that USHAS was founded in 1991.

In mythology the significance of “Ashtavakra”, a great rishi who was deformed in eight corners of his body but the most intelligent, forms the philosophy in constructing the building. The building is deformed in eight corners, but the centre is open to the sky. depicting that, do not look at my disability, look what is within me, my ability, for which, the sky is the limit.

  • The first floor has various forms of lord Ganesha  the elephant head Lord, remover of all obstacles, holding various musical instruments.
  • The second floor depicts the entire “Krishna avatar”, in 16 panels, from birth to “Vishwarupadarshan”.
  • The third floor depicts the story of “Ram avatar” again in 16 panels, from exile to “Pattabhisheka”.
  • The fourth floor depicts all the religion symbols in the world, beyond it the sky, is the philosophy of life.