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Scrap Conveyors

Karnataka Conveyors & Systems provides Total Scrap & Chip Management Solutions to Automobile Industries for handling, storage and disposal of press metal scrap.
The Scrap Conveyors are basically Hinged Steel Belt type and are designed and manufactured as per International Standards. The Standard Chain pitches are 2.5” (63.5 mm) / 4” (101.6 mm) / 6” )152.4 mm)and 9”.(229 mm) Belt widths  vary in in progression of 1 ½’  i.e.,  from 12” to 54” maximum widths. Scrap carrying capacity usually is expressed in Tons/ hour. Since the scrap is voluminous indicating the bulk density in Tons / cubic meter would help design an appropriate conveyor and in determining the speed more precisely. The Chain pitches and belt widths are selected based on the nature of the scrap and scrap carrying capacity.
The Shapes of the conveyors are as required by customer and to suit the application. They are available in straight lengths, straight length – Type “A”; Straight on an inclination –“Type “B” ; Horizontal straight and with an upward inclination –Type “C” and a ‘Z” shaped construction – Type “D”

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